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AspNetCore WebAPI - Google Authentication

More and more projects have sections secured by Google, Twitter or Microsoft identities. For example, for Google, you must create an ID and specify the return URL. Then you must activate the Google Authentication service and secure your methods via [Authorize]. The first call of a secure method automatically redirects you to the Google page.

Azure for Dev

Here are the slides of my presentation used during the Hack in the Woods 2019. You will find interesting services and tools to start developments.

Visual Studio - GIT shortcuts

If, like me, you work regularly with Visual Studio and GIT Team Explorer, here are some useful shortcuts.

Azure DevOps and the Code Coverage

Although Microsoft offers a solution to calculate natively the code coverage, it generates several problems: difference in results between the Build Server and “Visual Studio / Test / Analyze Code coverage”, code coverage problem with referenced assemblies, etc.

Visual Studio 2019 - My favorite new features

It has been a few days since Microsoft released the latest version of Visual Studio 2019. You can download it for free from the website of Visual Studio.

Normally, this version is very close to the final version and quite stable.

So I took the step to discover these new features and to validate its accounting with my current projects. My top 5 good news is therefore….

DevDay, the event where developers meet other developers, led by developers

500 developers have come to Belgium to attend several dozen of technical sessions.

6 years ago, the Developers’ Day (DevDay.be), was born in the minds of a few enthusiasts Microsoft MVP and the MIC (Microsoft Innovation Center in Mons). The objective was to bring together enthusiastic speakers and developers to keep abreast of the latest cutting-edge technologies. As Renaud Dumont, one of the organizers, points out: “I discovered the developer communities when I was working at the MIC. At that time, except the Techdays Belgium organized by Microsoft, there was no event bringing together developers. Some meetings were beginning to emerge, but they were oriented towards the general public, and were not specifically aimed at developers and did not concern advanced topics.”

Git - Best practices

Since some times, I work with several developers in my team. They are all connected to a GIT repository (TFS or VSTS) and they regularly ask me when and how to create a Pull Request efficiently.

After several articles on the subject and several weeks of use, here are my conclusions.

How to debug Angular with VSCode

Here is a quick procedure to configure your Angular project to allow debugging in VSCode via breakpoints, …

SSL certification of an Azure website, via Let's Encrypt

More and more sites are accessible via https (SSL) and recent browsers recommend accessing websites using this protocol.

For some time, the Certificate Authorities (CA) have been increasingly reducing their prices and some even offer to certify for free. This is the case of Let’s Encrypt which validates your certificate for a maximum of 90 days. Other authorities such as Gandi offer you annual certificates at a low price (14.52 € per year).

How to create a WebAPI authenticated by JWT?

JSON Web Token (JWT) is an open standard (RFC 7519) to exchange information securely via a signed token. For example, a server could issue a token with the claim “user identified as an administrator” and provide it to the client. The client could then check the token to prove that the user is logged in as an administrator.



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